Welcome to PWC Music!

I am Pat Carine Sr. a professional musician and instructor living and teaching in the Dayton Area! I provide aspiring musicians of all ages and levels in the Miami Valley region with private banjo, guitar, fiddle, mandolin and dobro lessons. In addition to private lessons, I offer group sessions on individual instruments as well as hosting group Bluegrass jamming lessons.   For small groups I offer consulting and instruction on how to play in a band including how to develop your band’s “sound.” Please click on the links in the menu bar or down below for more information.

I believe that the best way to learn an instrument is with the personal attention that private lessons afford.  It is in the development of that relationship where learning can flourish.  The media today makes the getting of information so easy, but there really is no replacement for one-on-one real time person to person interaction.  The joy of seeing musicians getting better at their chosen instrument is so rewarding!!  To this end, I am always looking for better ways to teach each of my students.